Using Math Choice Boards in Elementary Classrooms



Teachers: Do you need an engaging way to teach your state's math standards? I LOVE math choice boards because they give students the power of choice, while also requiring students to use the higher levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy. 

Why Should You Use Choice Boards in Your Math Classroom?

Choice boards are the perfect addition to any math classroom. Students love choice boards because they can choose which activities they’d like to complete. Teachers love choice boards because they are engaging and differentiated. 

If you have gifted, talented, or high-level students, choice boards are excellent to use for extension and enrichment

Here are some tips for using choice boards in your math classroom:

Invest time in the beginning to communicate your procedures and expectations.
  • Can students work together on the activities, or do they need to work silently by themselves? 
  • Where should students store their choice board activities? I recommend that each student has their own “Choice Board Folder” that they can keep in their desk or cubby. In it, they should store their copy of the choice board, the rubric, and any activities they are working on, such as brochures, poems, writing samples, etc.
  • What do you expect your students' completed work to look like? It’s helpful to show students how to start their activities and give them criteria for what you’ll grade (such as with a rubric, activity pages, or posters). You may also want to provide a completed example. 
  • When can students work on their choice boards? Should they work on them during math rotations, first thing in the morning, as seat work, after completing their other work, or at another time?

Have supplies available.

  • I recommend having one area in your classroom with choice board supplies, such as markers, glue, paper, colored pencils, etc.
  • Label everything, so students know where to return the supplies without it becoming a mess.
  • If you’d prefer, you can also have students be responsible for bringing their own supplies.

Use choice boards to support what you’re already teaching.

  • Choose choice boards that are aligned to your current math standards
  • If your class is studying multiplication, here is a free choice board you can download from my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

Where can you find choice boards?

I have a variety of choice boards available in my TPT store, including several that are free

Want to learn more about using choice boards in elementary classrooms?

I have an entire blog post that explains how to get started with using choice boards in your classroom. Click here to read it!


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